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HMC schools and school leadership

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William Richardson reflects on how schools of all kinds find a place in UK society. Read More.

Cover Story

Rhiannon Wilkinson, Matthew Taylor, Sue Woodroofe, Marco Longmore and Simon Corns focus on the global dimension of schools and leadership. Read More.

The public benefit impact of independent schools

Joe Spence, Steffan Griffiths and Simon Mills highlight how independent schools are reporting their public benefit. Read More.

School structures

School leaders explore the changing size and shape of schools.

Read More.



Outgoing HMC General Secretary William Richardson reflects on the place of schools in UK society. Read More.

Cover story

HMC schools and school leadership: the international scene

Rhiannon Wilkinson reflects on international education in a fast-changing world. Read More.

Sue Woodroofe on education in the lives of children whose families move around the world. Read More.

A guide to the challenges of international staffing by Matthew Taylor. Read More.

Marco Longmore and Simon Corns on setting up and running top quality British schooling in the UAE. Read More.


Focus on partnership, public benefit and economic impact

Joe Spence reviews the future of independent/state school partnerships. Read More.

The dos and don’ts of reporting independent school public benefit from Steffan Griffiths. Read More.

Simon Mills sets out the advantages of conducting a school economic impact report. Read More.


The size and shape of schools (I):

Spotlight on diamond schools.

Will Phelan outlines the future-orientated dynamic of his schools’ joint structure. Read More.

Contemporary puzzles in the education of girls and boys are explored by John Hind. Read More.

Katherine Jeffrey focuses on the Catholic ethos of her diamond school and its commitment to equality and diversity. Read More.


New faces: HMC welcomes new Members Read More.

HMC Professional Development: upcoming courses and events. Read More.


The size and shape of schools (II): Are larger groupings the future?

A dynamic and expanding set of Methodist school foundations is explored by David Humphreys. Read More.

Emma Taylor on how her grouping of schools and nurseries answers

some of the complex questions faced by independent schools. Read More.

Kevin Stannard depicts a long-standing and vibrant schools group, The Girls’ Day Schools Trust (GDST). Read More.


The Head and Bursar: Chris King and Alison Shakespeare reflect on a unique year of dual office-holding. Read More.

Tables turned: Jo Cameron, Chris Townsend and Chris Staley respond to pupils’ questions. Read More.

About HMC

In this year… Read More.

Facts about HMC schools. Read More.



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