Transition: school to university
& working with higher education

In this issue:

Cover story

Mark Wallace, Tim Hands, Nick Hillman and Euan Blair discuss transition from school to university and working with/alternatives to higher education. Read More.

Digital focus

Hamish Mackenzie and Emma Robertson explore the use of digital devices. Chris Townsend, Kathy Crewe-Read, Jesse Elzinga and Laura Knight discuss mobile phones on school sites. Read More.

Growth mindset

Sport, wellbeing and challenge creating character are themes in pieces by David Elstone & Alison Oliver and Gregg Davies. Read More.

Leadership in education

Geoff Barton, Dame Alison Peacock and Mark Lauder focus on leadership and support in education. Read More.


Cover story

Transition from school to university and working with higher education

The mutual benefits of productive partnerships with higher education institutions are outlined by Mark Wallace. Read More.

Tim Hands considers support for young people in the transition from school to university. Read More.

Nick Hillman reflects on how a university education can bring both personal and public benefit. Read More.

Professional apprenticeships are a well-kept secret, says Euan Blair. Read More.


Digital devices in schools and at home

The value of students engaging in gaming is explored by Hamish Mackenzie. Read More.

Chris Townsend, Kathy Crewe-Read, Jesse Elzinga and Laura Knight focus on how they are approaching the use of mobile technology on school sites. Read More.

Emma Robertson considers the potential and the pitfalls of digital technology in family life. Read More.


Growth mindset: sport, wellbeing and character building

Research on the impact of sport on pupils is evaluated by David Elstone

and Alison Oliver. Read More.

Gregg Davies explores the notion that ‘Challenge creates Character’. Read More.


New faces: HMC welcomes new Members. Read More.

HMC Professional Development: Sarah Thomas and Nigel Lashbrook offer their perspectives on a HMCPD Sustainable Leadership Course; details of upcoming HMCPD courses and events. Read More.

Tables turned: Emma Hattersley, Alex Hutchinson and Will Phelan respond to pupils’ questions. Read More.


Leadership in education

Geoff Barton argues ethical leadership must move beyond exhortation. Read More.

Professor Dame Alison Peacock on the role of the Chartered College of Teaching in supporting the profession. Read More.

Mark Lauder explores the topic of building alliances against educational bureaucracy. Read More.

About HMC

In this year… Read More.

Facts about HMC schools. Read More.



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