In this special edition of Insight, we celebrate HMC’s 150 year anniversary…


Impact and innovation

William Richardson, Edward Gould, Ewart Home, Joanne Anderson, Priscilla Chadwick, Helen Pike and Jenny Brown explore the impact and innovation of HMC. Read More.


HMC Milestones

1869-2019: Highlighting some of the significant moments in HMC’s history. Read More.


Looking forward

Mike Buchanan, Bob Griffin, Samantha Price, Suzie Longstaff, Marcus Cliff Hodges, Yamin Choudury, Dominique Florent-Lee, Lucy Hayes, Rosemary Fisher and Leo Winkley focus on the present and future developments in HMC schools. Read More.


Impact and innovation

Professor William Richardson explores and reflects on the history of HMC, 1869-2019. Read More.

Edward Gould discusses how HMC challenged the Secretary of State for Education in 2002. Read More.

Trends in Heads’ professional development are examined by Ewart Home. Read More.

Joanne Anderson discusses models for education, focusing
on the diamond structure. Read More.

Priscilla Chadwick, Helen Pike and Jenny Brown reflect on the strengthening voice of HMC, centring on women and girls Read More.

Three HMC Membership Secretaries reflect upon the rewards and challenges of the role and give their perspectives on the past and forecasts for the future, featuring David Prince, Roger Peel and Ian Power. Read More.

HMC milestones in focus over the last 150 years

Exploring key milestones for HMC over its 150 year history. Read More.

Looking forward

Mike Buchanan focuses on the purpose and the future of HMC. Read More.

What makes a compassionate leader in the school environment? Bob Griffin considers. Read More.

Samantha Price discusses mental health and modern technology and plots progress in provision in HMC schools. Read More.

Suzie Longstaff considers the modernisation of classroom
strategies and the impact on learning methods in the future. Read More.

Marcus Cliff Hodges, Yamin Choudury and Dominique Florent-Lee explore the mutual benefits of partnership and collaboration between Forest School and the Hackney Academy. Read More.

What qualities will make for a successful Headship in the future? Lucy Hayes and Rosemary Fisher discuss. Read More.

Leo Winkley explores how the strength of tradition can help to build the foundations for the future in education. Read More.

New faces: HMC welcomes new members. Read More.

HMC Professional Development: upcoming courses and events. Read More.

Three HMC Heads explore their visions for HMC in the future, featuring Rachel Dent, James Priory and Sue Woodroofe. Read More.

Facts about HMC schools. Read More.



Tim Hands (Winchester College)

Andrew Chicken

Managing editors:

Mark Stretton (HMC)

Jeetesh Daji (HMC)

Steering group:

Jenny Brown (City of London School for Girls)

Charles Fillingham (Francis Holland School, Regent’s Park)

Mark Lauder (Strathallan School)

Mark Wallace (Lincoln Minster School)

Mike Buchanan (HMC)

Sue Bishop (HMC)

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Cover images on page 1 (left to right):

Top row:

Initially sceptical of engaging with government, Edward Thring, headmaster of Uppingham School (1853-1887), founded HMC in 1869.

• Printed record of the discussions at the first HMC annual meeting, held at Uppingham on 21-22 December, 1869.

• During World War I HMC Secretary William Bulkeley-Evans was chairman of the central committee of the Overseas Club, raising £1m. for the comfort of troops.

• The first female HMC school pupils arrive at Marlborough College in 1968.

Second row:

‘Finding a Voice’: poster for the annual meeting of the Conference, 2014.

• HMC Chair 2019-20, Fiona Boulton.

Third row:

• The rise of Artificial Intelligence in education (2019- ).

• Participants in the Creative Futures partnership project involving Forest School and the Hackney Empire (2019).

Bottom row:

• Members at HMC’s 150th anniversary meeting of the Conference held at the InterContinental 02, Greenwich, in October 2019.

Insight is grateful to the following schools and other organisations for permission to use images on pages 1, 3 and 9 of this issue:

Page 1: Uppingham School, Royal Over-Seas League, Marlborough College, Fabrice Pyres and Gillman & Soame Photographers.

Page 3: Charterhouse, The King’s School Canterbury, Framlingham College, Guildford High School, New Hall School, Sherborne School, Shrewsbury School, Tempest Photography, The Glasgow Academy, Uppingham School, Winchester College.

Page 9: Winchester College, Royal Over-Seas League, The King’s School Canterbury, Dulwich College.

All other images: HMC archive.